Your Investment


Your Book, Comes Alive in Audio

(FYI approx. 9,000 words equals an hour of finished audio)  The word count of your book(s) is required to calculate the estimated investment of producing your Audio Book.

How to calculate Your Investment.


 The current rate is $258 per finished hour.  

1. Estimate your books length.  Example:  Word count 53,200 divided by 9,000 = 5.9 Finished Audio Hours.

2. Estimate your investment.  Example:  5.9 finished audio hours times $258 per finished hour = $1522


   to calculate your R.O.I (return on investment)


What you receive is...

  • A fine professionally produced Audio Book.

  • Local professional voice actor to choose from.  

  • Royalty Free Music/Sound for the Intro/Outro & between chapters. (if requested)

  • Two sets of Master CD's and all chapters converted into High Quality MP3 files.

  • Uploading of your Audio Book into Audible.com, Amazon.com & iTunes.


               The Fine Print

  • There is a minimum of $350 per Audio Book.


  •   Please add an additional $85 per finished hour for each additional voice actor.


  •   Add an additional $60 per finished audio hour when you wish sound effects and some background music to be produced into your Audio Book.  An estimated 20-40% of the book will have sound & sound effects produced and mixed in.


  •   Add an additional $90 per finished audio hour when you wish your book to be fully produced with Sountrack & Sound Effects.  An estimated 50-70 percent of the book will have soundtrack & sound effects produced and mixed in.


  • I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to communicate either face to face or by phone.  E-mail only allows for so much real understanding.  Face to face or by phone is the only way to really understand each other.  Skype is fantastic!


  •  All projects require 1/2 money down. For very large projects, time payments can be agreed upon depending on the project.  These details are worked out prior to a project starting.  The intention...fairness to all!


  • Micro Managing the Producer. There are personality types that feel the need to direct the Producer on how every little sentence and word is to be produced.  This is greatly frowned upon.  The Producer and Professional Voice Talent/Actors have be performing their craft for many, many years.  We know how to Produce an Audio Book.  The persistence in Micro Managing can result in a permanent work stoppage and the refund of monies paid less time served.