Voice Actors

Here are many very fine Voice Actors hired on a steady basis to perform Audio Book magic.

The voice samples here are just small samplings of what each actor is capable of performing.  Our voice actors will add a rich character to your special book.

Gita Farid

Gita has a delightful British flair.
Gita is from the U.K.

Enjoy These Voice Samples

  • Fiction, Children's

  • Fiction, Children's

Kebba Buckley Button

Kebba is an award winning author and is a public speaker.

https://youtu.be/E2lbJg_kvoQ    (view Kebba's short video)

Enjoy These Voice Samples

  • Fiction, Story

  • Auto Bio.

  • Non Fiction, Self Help

Jon Brown
A deep, Rich, Smooth Voice

Enjoy Jon's Voice Samples

  • Fiction 1

  • Fiction 2

  • Fiction 3


  • Non Fiction

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