Voice Actors

Here are many very fine Voice Actors hired on a steady basis to perform Audio Book magic.

The voice samples here are just small samplings of what each actor is capable of performing.  Our voice actors will add a rich character to your special book.

Gita Farid

Gita has a delightful British flair.
Gita is from the U.K.

Enjoy These Voice Samples

  • Fiction, Children's

  • Fiction, Children's

Voice Actor, Gita

Kebba Buckley Button

Kebba is an award winning author and is a public speaker.

https://youtu.be/E2lbJg_kvoQ    (view Kebba's short video)

Enjoy These Voice Samples

  • Fiction, Story

  • Auto Bio.

  • Non Fiction, Self Help

Voice Actor, Kebba
Jon Brown
A deep, Rich, Smooth Voice

Enjoy Jon's Voice Samples

  • Fiction 1

  • Fiction 2

  • Fiction 3


  • Non Fiction

Shane Stevens

A Voice Master

Impressions and beyond!

A great bit part Voice actor.


View Shane's Short Video.

Shane Scott Stevens small.jpg

Enjoy Listening to Shane's Reels.

Shane Stevens, Reel 1 master
00:00 / 05:26
Shane Stevens, Reel 2, Impressions
00:00 / 01:34

Shane Stevens is an Arizona actor who has been sharpening his acting skills since 1988. He began his acting career in Tucson, Arizona where he was a student of Anna Risley (Saturday Night Live) specializing in improvisational comedy skills. He became a member of "Group Therapy", a comedy improv troupe in Tucson. In 1997, Shane moved to the Phoenix area and continued his quest in the acting field. Shane has appeared in the feature films "Leather And Iron", "Greasewood Flat", “Redemption”, “The Governor”, “The Graves” and “Exit To Hell”. In addition, he has been involved with the "Villikon Chronicles" graphic novel series project since 2002.