The Audiobook Checklist

  •  Do you have a contract with a publisher?

    • Do you own the digital Rights?

    • If no, you cannot have an audiobook produced until you have permission in writing from the publisher.

  • What is the word count of your book?

    • Audiobooks are priced based on the word count.

  • Has your book gone through a final professional edit?

    • Meaning…is your book ready for audio production? Should additional editing be requested after the book is recorded, there is a minimum fee of $140 to re-record, edit, mix and master the new edited text.

  • Voice Actors.  Female or Male?  How many voice actors do you want?

    • There are additional charges for two or more actors.

  • Do you want to read your book yourself? 

    • This is not advised unless you are a voice, stage or screen actor.

  • Do you want music and or sound effects mixed within the book?

    • Our standard audiobook quote includes original music at the beginning and end of each book, plus, short clips between chapters.

    • Additional music/sound effects within the book will incur an additional fee.

  • Are there words/names that you want pronounced properly or your way?

    • If yes, please provide at a minimum those words written out phonetically.

    • At a maximum (preferred) record those words on your smart phone, including the chapter, page number and paragraph the word(s) are located in.

  • Do you want to upload the audio files into Audible/Amazon/iTunes yourself?

    • Or, do you want the publisher or producer to perform this function?

  • Do you want a phone or Skype (video) meeting with the voice actor(s).

    • This is recommended so you can give the actor(s) any insights or directions prior to the recording sessions beginning.

  • Do you want your audiobook performed verbatim? (the Amazon term is Whispersync)

    • There is an extra fee.


  • If you do not choose a verbatim performance, our voice actors will make subtle changes so the audiobook flows smoothly, more naturally. For example, it is, could be spoken as it’s. Or, they are, could be spoken as they’re etc. The actor may switch two words around for a smoother sounding phrase or sentence.

    • NOTE: We will NEVER make a change that would change the meaning of the word, sentence or paragraph.

    • We produce audiobooks for the listeners.  The listeners are the ultimate customer, not the author.

  • Does your book or any portion of your book actively promote violence, hate, bigotry or racism? 

  • Do you consider yourself as being a micromanager?

  • Do you have a due date that you want the audiobook completed?

  • FYI:  Table of Contents, Indexes, Charts & Graphs, Testimonials and Footnotes are not used in Audiobooks.

Charts & Graphs, photos and graphics in a PDF format can be added to the Audiobook.  The PDF cannot exceed 10 MB. This applies to Audible/Amazon. 

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