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The Audio Book Process

The Book, Comes Alive in Audio


It's a Simple Process. 


1. You send via e-mail the transcript in MS Word or PDF file. ravenaudiobooks@gmail.com

2. We speak in person on Skype or over the phone (or e-mail, a last resort) about your expectations and other details.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to communicate either face to face or by phone.  E-mail only allows for so much real understanding.  Face to face, Skype or by phone is the only way to really understand each other.

3. You select Professional Voice Actor(s).  Audio samples are listened to

4. The voice actor(s) are hired and the recording sessions are scheduled.

5. Music/Sound is created for the intro, between chapters and the books end. (if requested) 

6. The recorded audio is edited to remove unwanted breathes, re-takes, errors etc.

7. The audio is mixed down and mastered.

8. The master CD's are burned, ready for duplication or replication. (if requested)

9. Each chapter is converted into high quality MP3 files, ready and compatible with all the Audio Book marketing web sites. ie  Amazon.com , Audible.com , iTunes etc.

We at Raven Audio Books produce audio books for the listening public.  

Prior to the recording sessions, we like to have Skype or phone meetings with the author/publisher to take any direction that the author/publisher feels we must know.  Once we have that direction from the author/publisher, we produce the audio book with the listener in mind.  Not the author/publisher.  In our experience, authors/publishers are too close to their work and have the costly habit of  micro managing by re-editing, adding text or subtracting text.  It is costly to re-edit audio.

Not often, but from time to time we will change or rearrange words or phrases to increase the listen-ability of the audio book.  We will never change the meaning of the text.  We have too much respect for the author/publisher.

Pronunciations.  Prior to the recording sessions, the author/publisher must 

send us via e-mail or an audio recording of the proper names, places, foreign names/places that need to be pronounced properly.  Please spell out or speak the name phonetically.  Sometimes a Skype or phone meeting is needed to get the pronunciations correct.