Experience Raven Audio Books

Audio Book Producer/Publisher. Raven Audio Books produces fine Audio Books, since 2001.

Experience in production, recording, editing, mixing & mastering are the keys to your satisfaction.

All Audio Books are formatted for uploading into the marketing web sites like Amazon, Audible, iTunes plus Others.

At Raven Audio Books we Produce High Quality Audio Books.  By utilizing Sound Proof Rooms, High End Microphones, High End Software, Professional Voice Actors and Talent, and Professional Audio Editors.

Combine High Quality People and High Quality Equipment with 19 years of Audio Book Productions Experience and You Are In Good Hands!


The Audio Book Studio


Placing Respect, Integrity, Honesty & Quality Above All Else

 Producing Professional Grade Audio Books Since 2001

Employing a Wide Variety of Professional Local Voice Actors.

We Create Books to Come Alive.

Fiction or Non-Fiction.

The Audio Book

Audio Books are produced for the Listeners!  It's the Listeners that we must impress.  It's all about the Listeners.  They are the Customer, they buy the Audio Books.  As long as the book is well written and edited, The voice actor(s) and the Producer will produce a magical Audio Book.  


Our voice actors will smooth out the spoken word of a book. Meaning, we may make subtle changes, such as, it is may be pronounced it's or its... they are may be pronounced as they're, and so on.  WE WILL NEVER MAKE A CHANGE THAT WILL CHANGE THE MEANING OF A WORD, SENTENCE OR PARAGRAPH.

Should you want your book to be read/performed verbatim, a 15% premium will be added to your quotation. This applies to the Amazon/Audible Whispersync also.

A brief message to the Micro-managers.

There are personality types that feel the need to direct the Producer on how every little sentence and word is to be produced.  This is greatly frowned upon.  The Producer and Professional Voice Talent/Actors have be performing their craft for many, many years.  We know how to Produce an Audio Book.  The persistence in Micro Managing can result in a permanent work stoppage and the refund of monies paid less time served.

I support Non Violence.  Violence does not work, at all.  There are no exceptions, none.  Therefore, if your text contains the promotion of violence, hate, bigotry or racism,  please find another studio that wants to work with you.  I will not.  Please note...when I state promotion of violence, hate, bigotry or racism, I mean the promotion of.  If your book includes battle/fight scenes or language used in the story (fiction or non-fiction) obviously this is permitted.

This is a No Booze, No Dope Studio (no weapons either)

Meaning, it is more efficient to be focused on your recording than anything else. So, in my experience, leaving your worries and substances at your home,  just makes sense.