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At Raven Audio Books we Produce High Quality Audio Books.  By utilizing Sound Proof Rooms, High End Microphones, High End Software, Professional Voice Actors and Talent, and Professional Audio Editors.

Combine High Quality People and High Quality Equipment with 13 years of Audio Book Productions Experience and You Are In Good Hands!



The Audio Book

Audio Books are produced for the Listeners!  It's the Listeners that we must impress.  It's all about the Listeners.  They are the Customer, they buy the Audio Books.  As long as the book is well written and edited, The voice actor(s) and the Producer will produce a magical Audio Book.






The Audio Publishers Association releases results from concurrent studies

that reveal sales patterns and consumer behavior FEBRUARY, 2013


The Audio Publishers Association released the results from two concurrent

studies of audio book sales patterns and consumer behavior which revealed that that total net sales of audio books in 2011 were up from the previous year and that, in general, the audio format is thriving.


  According to the independent research firm Lewis &Clark who conducted the  Annual Sales Survey,   3.8 million more audio books were sold in 2011 than were sold in 2010, representing a 2.6% increase in

total revenues year-over-year.


2012 Sales Survey (reflecting 2011 data)

  • Unit sales were up 16%
  • CD units have held steady at about 8 million, representing approximately 33% of the market
  • CD revenue is down 7% but still represents approximately 53% of the market
  • Download units are up 29% and represent approximately 61% of the market
  • Download revenue is up 24%, representing approximately 41% of the market
  • Total number of titles published is up 28% (from 5,584 to 7,165)
  • Number of formats per title published has shrunk from 4.5 in 2010 to 3.4 in 2011


  • Audio book buyers love the convenience of listening, especially as perfect entertainment for a long car trip
  • More than two-thirds of recent audio book buyers described audio books as relaxing and a good way to multi-task.
  • Listeners also stated that an audio performance makes some books more interesting than they would be in print.
  • Those who prefer download and streaming formats are younger, but more affluent listeners still listen mostly on CD.
  • The greatest potential for growth exists in digital formats.



Professional Experienced Audio Book Recording & Audio Production


Experience in production, recording, editing, mixing & mastering are the keys to your satisfaction.

All Audio Books are formatted for uploading into the marketing web sites of Amazon, Audible, iTunes.




 I support Non Violence.  Violence does not work, at all.  There are no exceptions, none.  Therefore, if your text contains the promotion of violence, hate, bigotry or racism,  please find another studio that wants to work with you.  I will not.  


This is a No Booze, No Dope Studio (no weapons either)

Meaning, it is more efficient to be focused on your recording than anything else. So, in my experience, leaving your worries and substances at your home,  just makes sense.






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